August 2016 Bookstagram Challenge: Week 2.

Here comes a little review of the second week of Bookstagram Photo Challenges. For reference, I am doing quite a few challenges: ausyachallenge, challengebookmajig, livelaughbooksaugust and booksandcupcakes. It’s never too late to join in the fun! Below are some of my favourites from this week:


Day 7 of #ausyachallenge: Heartache.

I seem to be drawn to books that make me cry – or maybe I just cry really easily! It was really hard to choose which books to include in this photo, but here are some of the ones that hit me hardest. They are all insanely good and they are all books I recommend off the bat to people I meet. If you haven’t read any of them, I really recommend you pick them up soon. But have the tissues ready!


Day 9 of #challengebookmajig: Rainbow Spiral.

This was a really fun one to make! I went for pastel shades of colours and included some lovely books – two of my favourites from this pile are The Girl of Ink and Stars and The Museum of Extraordinary Things.


Day 11 of #livelaughbooksaugust: Story of my Life.

I have a LOT of teacher-ish merch and this was a lovely excuse to showcase some of it. I love my job and all of its time-consuming intricacies – wouldn’t change it for the world. Also, post-its. All the post-its! I feel like I should have a share in the company with the amount I buy…


Day 12 of #livelaughbooksaugust: Bookish Merch.

I am growing my collection of bookish things slowly but surely. My favourites here are  my Pride and Prejudice mug, which I use all the time (and love all of the Penguin mugs!); I also love my bookish map of London. It shows you settings in books from all over the city and was a gorgeous gift from a very close friend.


Extra photo! I needed to include this even though it wasn’t for any challenge. I just love the shadows and lighting of this one, and it includes some new favourites of mine. The books are from my recent post on my Top 5 Books from 2016 so far – click the link if you haven’t seen it yet!

There we have it. Feel free to click any of the links and follow them through to seeing some of the other gorgeous photos in the tags. Everyone is producing some beautiful photography! See you in week 3.



2 thoughts on “August 2016 Bookstagram Challenge: Week 2.

    1. I have read them both and really recommend them! Wonder was brilliant – such a heart warming read. GOIAS was mysterious and featured lots of interesting tales within it to do with their culture. I don’t read too much non fiction and need to read more, to be honest! 🙂


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