August 2016 Bookstagram Challenge: Week 3

The third week of August – yet another week of bookish pictures over on my Instagram. Remember to click on the link and click the hashtag to see more glorious bookish pictures! Let’s get started!


Day 14 of #ausyachallenge: Ombre Books.

I made these lemon cupcakes and they were so photogenic I had to use them for this photo. Plus, I realised I had quite a lot of yellow books – so bright and happy looking! My favourites from this pile are The Great Gatsby (unlike in the US, it’s not really a required reading book in the UK so I didn’t discover it until later – I’ve loved it ever since!), Bossypants (which I talked a lot about before), and Landline (brilliant, but probably not my favourite of Rainbow Rowell’s).


Day 15 of #livelaughbooksaugust: Bon Voage – I Ship It!

Aren’t Cath and Levi just the best?! There are so many other books and pairings that I could have chosen but these two hold a special place in my heart. I devoured Fangirl and loved the friendship, then relationship between these two. I hope, wherever in bookverse they are now, that they are happy together. *heart eyes*


Day 18 of #challengebookmajig: Cover Buys.

I’m such a cover buyer – I’ll readily admit it. Here are a few of my most lovely books, including a lovely copy of Sylvia Plath poems and a recent favourite of mine The Versions of Us – if you enjoy books like One Day by David Nicholls, I’d definitely recommend it!


Day 19 of #challengebookmajig: Bookish Playlist.

I often try to find playlists of books over on 8tracks (though it is much harder to use now that it has different copyright laws attached to places outside the US). I had to pick Pride and Prejudice, this lovely version I have, as the playlist below is one of my favourites. Plus, the score from the Keira Knghtley movie is beautiful too.

For the 8 tracks playlist click here, and for the soundtrack click here.


And another week is gone! August is going so quickly! See you next week 🙂



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