Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Time.

A different theme for today’s TTT – it’s TV time, in honour of the Fall TV schedule coming back to play. I’ve always loved TV, almost as much as books. I always have some show on the go and love finding new things to watch. This was a theme I was really looking forward to. As always, TTT was created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Here are my Top Ten TV Shows, in no particular order because it’s just too hard.


Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, my love for this show is intense. I grew really attached to this show when I started watching it a few years ago – my friend insisted and I’m so glad she did. I have a habit of stopping shows when I think they should finish, rather than when the network does. I stopped at the end of Season 10 and enjoy re-watching up until that point regularly. GA is probably in my Top 5 TV shows of all time.

The Office US

I love this show! I love its quirkiness, its characters, its crazy plotlines. Jim and Pam are ultimate goals and I love to hop back and rewatch episodes. My stopping point for this one was when Michael left – I just don’t think it would be the same without him.

How I Met Your Mother

A firm favourite of mine, despite having an awful ending (in my opinion). I love shows where you have to puzzle them out until the very end and most of the story was really worth it.



The only UK based TV show on this list, which makes me a little bit ashamed. But at least I’m being honest. This show just thrills me. It is so fantastic – there’s only one episode that I’m not fond of, which is saying something! They really bring the stories to life in a brilliant way (and my little heart ships Sherlock and Molly so much – so sue me).

The West Wing

I found this show a few years back when I stayed with my American best friend over the summer. She only showed me the first episode, but I immediately started watching it once I returned home. I took it nice and slow and didn’t binge it, because I wanted to savour it all. There are better seasons than others, but overall it’s a fab show.

Parks and Recreation

Who doesn’t love a bit of Leslie Knope?! I think I first discovered this show through Ben and Leslie fanvids, but then went back and started from the beginning. It’s so good, has fantastic people in it, and it’s one of those shows that always puts a smile on your face.


The Big Bang Theory

I’m currently rewatching this – I love a good 20 minute show – and I’m rediscovering how good and witty it is. I love a bit of Sheldon.

Gilmore Girls

Who else is SO EXCITED for the new episodes?! I’m dropping everything the weekend it comes on Netflix so I can watch it. I watched this show for the first time during my first few weeks at University, so I owe this show for staying sane and feeling less homesick. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Love this show, but must admit that I haven’t caught up with it in some time. Some of the episodes are so intense that I needed to wait a couple of hours before I went to bed again, haha! But this is one I definitely plan on finishing soon!


The first show I ever really got invested in, so it had to go on this list. I’ve been watching some episodes recently and loving them once again. Such a classic and a lovely one to revisit.

Extras – because 10 just isn’t enough…


Extra: Fringe

A little different to everything else on this list, but still one I really like. Once you get past the weirdness and creepiness, there’s a really good story underneath.

Extra: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta is something else. This show never fails to make me laugh.

Extra: Once Upon A Time

Probably would have been further up the list if I hadn’t just lost interest during the latest season. Seasons 1, 3, 4, and the first part of 5 were really good though.

Extra: Pushing Daisies

Probably won’t be on many people’s lists today, which I think is a shame. It’s a really fun and quirky show that deserved more viewers when it was on air. I have the DVDs and like to rewatch from time to time.


AND, scene. There we have it. There were MANY more I could add, but we don’t have all day. What are your favourite shows? Are you a fan of any of the above? See you next Tuesday!


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