Review: The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace.



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Spoiler Free Review

Title: The Princess Saves Herself In This One

Author: Amanda Lovelace

Published: Printed by Amazon, 2016

Pages: 154

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Okay, so I had no knowledge of what I was getting into when I picked this up on Amazon. I had seen it all over the place and lots of people were talking about it, so it was one of those impulse – if everyone else is talking about it, it must be awesome – buys. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

This book of poetry is split into four sections: the princess, the damsel, the queen and you. I read each section separately so as not to get confused between them and to be able to really ‘get the vibe’ from each of the sections. My thinking: they would have been split up like this for a reason. I enjoyed them all for different reasons.

In The Princess, we first hear from the poet and she is introducing herself. She doesn’t hold back – she tells it like it is and is not merciful. She introduces a lot of really dark topics that she refers back to in the following sections.

The Damsel tells you more about her relationships. Some of the poems here feel so real and vivid. They are very telling – they depict bad relationships with various different people and you do get the feeling that she needs to leave these relationships behind.

In The Queen the tables are turned. There is a much more hopeful theme in these poems, but the darkness from the last two themes is still lingering on the edges. You can tell that she is much happier, and then there are doubts, and then she is much happier again.

You is a very powerful point to end on. Throughout the other parts of this anthology there are poems that are so relatable, that hit the nail on the head, but in You, you are front and centre. Lovelace shares things she thinks you need to know, and you probably do. She ends and ties up this book by putting the reader first.

Reading this collection of poetry reminded me of two things: going on a journey and leaving a relationship. The structure made me think of leaving someone – anyone who meant anything to you – of not knowing if it was right but feeling in your gut that it was. Of meeting someone new and finally feeling good, but not quite being able to let go of the past. It was a journey of that thought process and since I could relate to that on so many levels, it felt really poignant.

Lovelace’s writing can be put in no other way that ‘to the point’. She doesn’t bother messing around with what she’s saying – she doesn’t hint, she just says it how it is. I think more poetry should be like that. It hooked me in because it was so direct and made me feel more because there was no room to hide. It felt like she was talking to me, reminding me of things in my own past, because she was saying it straight to my face. I haven’t read poetry which is so direct in a long time so this was really refreshing.

Some of my favourites where:

“ah, life-

the thing

that happens

to us

while we’re off

somewhere else

blowing on


& wishing

ourselves into

the pages of

our favourite

fairy tales.”


“once upon

a time,

the princess

rose from the ashes

her dragon lovers

made of her






queen of


-how’s that for a happily ever after?”


“i have

so much love

to give,

but no-one

ever wants


-a cup overfilled.”




offers to

save you

make it

your mission


save yourself.

-i believe in you.”


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Lovelace has a lot to say if you’re willing to listen. If you do, you will be left thinking by her relatable, direct and to-the-point prose. You won’t regret it.

Anyone else read this? What did you think?




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