Top Ten Tuesdays

Top 10 Tuesday: Characters I’d Name Something After.

This meme was created over on The Broke and the Bookish. The more, the merrier!


So I have a friend who’s pregnant at the moment and she doesn’t have names she likes yet. I can only imagine how difficult it is to name a child – giving them something they’ll probably have for the rest of their lives! That’s a lot of pressure! Probably not as difficult, but still hard would be naming a pet. Below, however, are some names that I like and the characters they came from…

For a child:


Lizzie – from Elizabeth Bennet; Pride and Prejudice

One of my favourite characters ever and she holds a very special place in my heart. I’d love to have a little, precocious child like Lizzie – to have a child grow up with strong beliefs. Plus, my middle name is Elizabeth so this totally works!

William/Will – from Fitzwilliam Darcy; Pride and Prejudice

I like this name in general, but I could totally imagine having a child with this name. Darcy always had his heart in the right place and loved his closest friends strongly. Sidenote: If I had a boy and a girl, I wouldn’t got for both of these names. That would be a little too obvious, haha!

Elsa – from Elsa; My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

One of my most recent favourite characters, who loves deeply and is incredibly curious. If you want to read my review and find out more about this character, click here. I’d be a bit worried that people would think I’d been hit by Frozen fever, though.

Annie – from Anne; Anne of Green Gables series and Anne; Persuasion

Such a cute name! I’d reading Anne of GG at the moment and I love how imaginative and chatty she is! Plus, Persuasion is a favourite too.

Rudi – from Rudi Steiner; The Book Thief

Who wouldn’t want to name a child after such a caring, warm hearted boy?

For a pet:


Levi – from Levi; Fangirl

For some reason, I’m seeing a happy, bounding Golden Retriever… can you see it too? Levi is a positive, glowing light in this world and would be fitting for such a lovely bundle of fun!

Kaz – from Kaz Brekker; Six of Crows

Another recent read and I can totally see a mischievous, cunning pet being named after this character.


This is a hard theme, and I found it was much easier to think of female characters than male for some reason. Who knows what the future holds, haha! What characters would you name something after?


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