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Top 5 Wednesday: I Wish These Characters Were Friends

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This week is all about everything non-canon. Well, specifically non-canon ships. And I thought for a while and eventually came to the decision that I wanted to do friend-ships, not just normal ships. There are lots of times when I find myself wondering how characters from different fandoms would work if they were put in the same room together. Here are 5 sets of characters that I think would work well together…


Luna Lovegood and LeviHarry Potter and Fangirl

For some reason these two were the first ones to pop into my head when I looked at today’s theme. They are both just… really good – positive and imaginative people. I can imagine Luna chatting away, going down adventurous tangents and Levi just lapping it up. I feel like those two would just click – can you imagine what they’d talk about?!


Elizabeth Bennet and Anne ElliotPride and Prejudice and Persuasion

I’ve read a lot of Austen and I always wondered what would happen if someone put these iconic characters into the same room. These two especially, since they are my favourites. Anne would make Lizzie go with her heart whilst Lizzie would encourage Anne to let loose a little more and stick to her guns. The perfect period friendship.


Kell and KazA Darker Shade of Magic and Six of Crows

Can you imagine?! All of the adventures if these two were friends. Kell would appreciate Kaz’s wise ways and Kaz would love what hopping between worlds would bring him. The series’ that these two characters come from have such amazing worlds – it would be brilliant to see these two in their opposite settings.

*review of ADSOM


Anne and SeptemberAnne of Green Gables and The Fairyland Series

I feel like September could often use a friend who is aware of the human world – it might makes some of her journeys a little easier. Anne would be the perfect companion and she wouldn’t back down to a challenge.


Amani and JesperRebel of the Sands and Six of Crows

Sharp shooters, these two together. They would take people down. No mourners, no funerals.


When you really think about it, there would be so many amazing characters you could pair up! Who would you pair together and why?



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