Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

That’s it. I’ve completed my journey of Rainbow Rowell books (so far – bring us more soon, Rainbow!). So here’s a review of my latest Rowell read.


Spoiler Free Review

Title: Carry On

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Published: Macmillan, October 2015.

Pages: 518

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Simon Snow is the Chosen One. But he’s not very good at it, and he doesn’t really know what being the Chsoen One really means. Plus, there’s other things on his mind: his relationship with his girlfriend isn’t great and his nemesis, Baz, hasn’ shown up at school. Which is weird because one, it’s their last year and two, he surely wouldn’t miss an opportunity to grate on Simon’s nerves…


I want to start out, firstly, by saying that Fangirl, where we first met Simon and the gang, is my favourite Rainbow Rowell novel. I read it and loved it and have reread it many time since. However, I must admit that the Simon Snow parts of the novel are not really my favourites and as such, I wasn’t really that keen on reading Carry On. It took knowing that I would soon be going to a Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo event, where she would be talking about Carry On, to push me into reading it. I’m glad I did!

This book deals with many POVs and that meant that you really got into the heads of the characters rather than just speculating through another character’s eyes. I really enjoyed the majority of the characters. They were engaging and interesting and humorous. They were also really down to earth – I felt like I could be having these conversations with the characters myself, even though I was new to their magical world. I think that’s down to Rainbow’s writing style – the dialogue is just so real.

The setting was interesting, though a little too close to Hogwarts for me, but since this was her kind of “homage” to fanfic, it wasn’t too surprising. I enjoyed venturing outside of the grounds too and visiting the character’s houses. It was nice little addition to a book that could have centred firmly around the school and it’s magic.

One of my favourite parts of this novel was the magic – the type of magic she’s created here calls to my word-loving self. It’s so clever and really different to what I’ve read before. And because it dealt with phrases we use everyday ourselves, I think that added to the humour of the book too.

The only thing that could have improved my reading experience was the pace at the beginning of the book. It was a little slow to begin with and took a minute to really get into the action – one of it’s rewarding parts. I appreciated the time taken to solidify my knowledge of the relationships between the characters, but it did take my a while to get hooked.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

I really did enjoy this read, despite it being a little bit slow to start with. The characters and the magic system were the shining parts of the book for me. I know you should compare books to others but, when looking at my Rainbow Rowell collection, this wouldn’t be my favourite. I guess I can’t compare it because it’s a different genre for her, but that’s just my thoughts. Plus, I read this book amongst other books which I loved! It’s hard to compete, haha!

*Sidenote: I went to that Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo event yesterday and it was amazing! Keep tabs to see my review of the event soon!

What do you think? Did you enjoy Carry On? What’s your favourite RR book? Let me know below!


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