Review: Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery.


Spoiler Free Review

Title: Anne of Green Gables

Author: L M Montogomery

Published: Oxford University Press, 2014. Originally printed 1908.

Pages: 428

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Anne is an orphan who has always dreamed of being part of a proper family. She is taken in by the Cuthberts, who were actually expecting a boy, but reluctantly keep her. She goes on plenty of adventures, makes lots of mistakes, and becomes treasured in the hearts of the other characters very quickly…

Well, we all know I love a children’s classic. I didn’t read many of them as an actual child so I’m making up for lost time now. I’ve always known about the Anne series – my Mum loves them, implored me to read them as a child, and now she’s laughing at me because I really did enjoy this book! And I’m saying, as I always do, “why didn’t I read this sooner?” Although I feel that this is a problem amongst a lot of bookish people, am I right?

First off, the characterisation in this book is awesome. I love, love, love Anne. She is such a precocious little girl. She has a good head on her shoulders and she is not afraid to use it. She is a little outspoken, but that just endeared her to me more. She reminded me of so many of the children I’ve worked with – striving to do well, wanting what’s best for the people around her, and having a mouth that runs for miles with no end in sight! I read this book using the Librivox app (free audiobooks!), so this book was read to me. The reader had such an expressive voice – I have no doubt that this is what really made me like Anne more!

I also really enjoyed the the Cuthberts, who take Anne in. They are quiet people, but watching them fall in love with Anne and make her their surrogate daughter was lovely to watch. We also can’t forget the character of Gilbert – he makes Anne angry, pushes her to do her best, and listening to their arguments was really funny!

I really liked the setting in this book; Prince Edward Island, where the author actually grew up. The descriptions of the place made me feel like I was actually there, running through the fields with Anne and her friends. There are almost two settings in the book – the real one and the one Anne dreams up and names differently. Her imagination in this regard really pushes the book forward, which was another aspect I enjoyed.

As with many children’s classics, this book was filled with the trials and tribulations that a child of Anne’s age would find trying and difficult. Set in the time it was, these made me giggle as most of the things she dealt with were nothing like what I did as a child. But they, again, endeared me to her more. The book was mostly light and fun, but there were some darker moments which made Anne think more seriously about her life. A good balance, I think, for a book in this genre.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

I loved this book, I loved the character of Anne and all the crazy, lovely people she grows to know and love. This was exactly what I needed right now – a little bit of sweetness to keep me going. If you have enjoyed other children’s classics, give this one a go!


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