World’s Collide Tour 2016: Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell

Man, oh man. What a great night! On October 27th at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, authors Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell came together to give a book tour that rivals most. They were there to promote Carry On and Crooked Kingdom. It was a brilliant event, full of friendliness and fun and a night I won’t forget any time soon!


They were both so open and appreciative of us being there! They started off by introducing themselves and how they had met and became friends. It was so obvious that they had a close friendship. It felt like you were on the other side of the table sharing coffee with them and listening to them catching up. They told humorous stories and were not guarded at all – just like you are with a good friend.

One of the best moments of the night was when they did dramatic readings together – from Carry On, the scene where Simon confronts Baz in the catacombs and from Crooked Kingdom, Matthias and Nina going through the Ravkan market. It was hilarious! Leigh’s impression of Baz was amazing!

They also did a really long, engaging question and answer session. Normally you go to see an author and there’s just a small chunk of time for questions at the end but here, Rainbow and Leigh devoted a good 45 minutes to answering questions from the audience. And not giving short answers either – it gave the impression that they really cared about what we were asking.


They took the time to sign books and merchandise and I waited an hour and a half to get things signed for myself and a friend. It was worth it – they were both so friendly and even though they must have been tired by then, they were still happy to chat and answer questions individually. I’m super happy about my signed items!

My favourite fact from the night: did you know that Kaz Brekker was almost called Baz Brekker? Leigh and Rainbow were talking one day and Rainbow announced that one of her characters was to be called Baz. her books were already in print so Leigh ended up changing her character’s name to Kaz!  I can’t imagine it any other way!

Overall a brilliant night! My first time seeing Leigh and my second time seeing Rainbow. I promise you now, if you get the chance to meet them – together or individually – take it! You won’t regret it. Such a fun night!

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Have you ever met an author you liked? How was your experience?


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