Top Ten Tuesdays

Top 10 Tuesday: Movies I Re-watch A Lot

As much as I love books, I love a good movie! Here are some of my favourites:


Pride and Prejudice, 2005.

To be honest, I love most versions of P & P (click for P&P&Z review) but for some reason I just really like this one. Something about these two as Lizzie and Darcy, I just squee.

Away We Go, 2009

This is a movie I’ve watched numerous times and I love it every time. There’s something about Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski and their lovely, gentle chemistry. A film that not many people have seen, but it’s one of my true favourites.

500 Days of Summer, 2009

After watching Annie Hall and finding that 500 DoS was based alone the lines of that movie, I was instantly intrigued. I’ve met a few people who say that they can’t stand this movie, but I’m one of the ones that really enjoyed it. I even like the ending.

About Time, 2013

Love this from the first moment of the movie. This was just so heartwarming. A lovely film filled with genuine romance and family goodness.

Inception, 2010

This one puts me in a headlock every time. I find something extra in it each time I watch it. I love a good problem solving film and this was one where I definitely couldn’t guess the ending.

Now You See Me, 2013

Another problem solving thriller with a magical twist. Just love it!

Love Actually, 2003

You can’t beat watching this six weeks before Christmas, can you? Puts me right in the Christmas mood!

Hello Dolly, 1969

I really like older movies and this is one of my favourites! I love Barbra Streisand and the fast paced dialogue. Such a good one if you haven’t seen it before.

Inside Out, 2015

Amy Poehler, yes yes yes! I just love this movie. And, bonus for teachers: it’s a really good stimulus for teaching emotions!

Juno, 2007

Can we talk about how good this movie is for a second, especially the dialogue?! I don’t rewatch this very often but I love it each time!


What are some of your favourites? There’s nothing I like more on wintery nights than curling up with tea and a movie. Happy watching everyone!


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