Bookstagram – November Week 3 and 4.

So let’s rewind the clock a little bit and look at some pretty photos from the last few weeks of last month!



Loving how cosy this picture was! I am really enjoying the new Starbucks take-out cups – they are all so pretty! Year of Yes was a wonderful book – you can read my review here.


Sometimes I forget how beautiful The Book Thief is. This picture was part of the #lilbookishnovember photo challenge with the tag; a book you’re thankful for. I’m beyond thankful for this book. It brought me back into my reading game and made me feel so much.


Black spines for Black Friday, anyone? I didn’t know how many books of mine had black spines until I couldn’t choose which to pick for this photo! And of course I had to include my William & Joseph candles (which smell so good and are packaged so prettily that I haven’t dared use them yet!). Some of my favourite favourites are in this photo.


And another snuggly photo to finish with. I love my slippers with a passion and there’s nothing quite like this candle. Nothing. It smells gorgeous.


Who knows what the crazy month of December will bring, but I probably won’t have much time for photos this month. I’ll probably just post a monthly bookstagram wrap up – see you then!


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