Illumicrate Unboxing: November 2016!

*Illumicrate is a bookish subscription box – go here to find out more!*

** Also, this is not sponsored in any way by Illumicrate; I’m just gushing because I genuinely loved my box ♥♥

Squee! I was super excited to receive my first ever bookish subscription box from Illumicrate a few weeks ago! I am just now finding time to sit and down and write a post about all the wonderful bookish goodies inside this box!

Why Did I Choose Illumicrate?

I’d been looking and browsing different subscription box options for a while and wasn’t sure which to pick. It can be quite overwhelming considering there are so many options and so many pretty Instagram pictures showing you what you can get inside different boxes! In the end I chose Illumicrate for these reasons:

  • It’s a UK Company – lots of the other boxes I was looking at were made over in the USA which meant some were charging really big shipping fees. Also, it’s always nice to know you are supporting a “local” business!
  • You get a box every three months – this was one of the biggest reasons for me. I like spending money on bookish things as much as the next person but it can be quite expensive. Lots of other boxes were asking for the same fee but monthly instead of quarterly; this seemed like a more affordable option for me. It suited my needs – even though I have to wait a while, I know I’m not feeling like I’m throwing my money away.
  • I loved the look of the goods! – I looked at pictures of previous boxes and found things I liked in each of them. I knew that when I received a box, I was going to love the things inside!

Alrighty – now to the exciting bit. What was inside the box?!


The Book: The Diabolic by S J Kincaid

I hadn’t heard about this book before but it seems really interesting and has had good reviews so far!

The Notebook: Evil Plans from House of Wonderland (exclusive to box)

Love a good notebook!

The Coffee Cosy: from Sparrow + Wolf (exclusive to box)

So cute! Definitely be using it as the season of carrying tea has well and truly started!

The Candle: ‘Aidan: bergamot, sandlewood & mercy’ from Meraki Candles (exclusive to box)

I’m always a fan of a candle and this one smells so good!

Socks: from Happy Socks

Plus: an extract of The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr, card wallet from Six of Crows and lots of bookish postcards.


I was so happy with this box that I can’t wait for February to roll around for the next one! If you’re in the market for a box, I’d definitely recommend. Even as a one off from a bookish friend, this would surely do the trick. Use the link at the top to go and explore the website.

See you soon, guys!


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