Bookish Inspirations: The Bronte Sisters.

Happy New Year all!

I don’t know about you, but I love to watch TV around the festive period. There tends to be lots of period dramas – new and old – lurking around that this time of year, and they are my ultimate guilty pleasure (but actually not so guilty!). There is something warm and comforting about them, and I love seeing how people lived and worked in the past.

Something I watched the other day was “To Walk Invisible” – a 2 hour period drama based around the lives of the Bronte family.


I’ve always been interested in the Bronte sisters – they are so well known and well loved in this country and beyond, and their writing is widely known as being fantastic and forward thinking. I have spent many an afternoon watching period dramas of their own works, especially adaptations of Jane Eyre. It was really interesting to have an insight into their own lives, which shaped the novels and poetry they created. The characters were full, alive, and excellently acted. You could see and hear glimpses of their characters – both in personality and plot-lines – in To Walk Invisible. If you’re a fan of period drama full stop, but also of any of the sisters’ work, this is definitely a must see!

Ultimately, it got me thinking about my own Bronte Reading Journey:


Books I’ve Read:

  • Jane Eyre – the only book I’ve finished of the Bronte sisters. It was as brilliant as I imagined it would be and has become a firm favourite. You can see my review here.

Books I Want to Try Again:

  • Wuthering Heights – I recently started to listen to this via the Librivox app on my phone. I don’t know whether I wasn’t in the mood, or I was left in the fall out of Jane Eyre, but I couldn’t quite get into it. I’d definitely like to give it another go!
  • Agnes Grey – one of the lesser known novels, but still widely praised. I tried this novel a few years ago but wasn’t in the correct head-space. It features the trials and tribulations of a governess from this time period, and since I’m a primary school teacher, it would be interesting to see a perspective from the past.

Books I Want to Read This Year:

  • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – already downloaded onto my Librivox app and ready for the car journeys ahead. I also own a physical copy, but sometimes listening to a large classic novel is better, I feel. Some people say this novel is at the same standard as Jane Eyre, so I’m eagerly anticipating an incredible read!


Those are a few of my Bronte Reading Goals, set very much because of To Walk Invisible, which reignited my curiosity towards their lives and novels. Have you read much of their work? What would you describe as your favourite?

Also, I can’t recommend this period drama enough – it packs a real punch! Enjoy!




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