Bookstagram: Jan & Feb 2017!

Last Bookstagram post: Bookstagram 2016: The Christmas Edition.

I’ve not been super regular in my Instagram posts – I just don’t have the time when I’m working a 50 hour week! – but here are my favourites from the last few months.


I’m picking this one mostly for the print, even though I really like both The Silver Lining’s Playbook and The Lover’s Dictionary (review soon!). It’s from a Rob Ryan calendar I had quite a few years ago and I kept the pages because I liked them so much!


Love, love, loved this book beyond measure – as you can tell from my review. I liked this photo because one, the book is awesome, and two, my nails looked nice for once, haha!


Let’s call this one ‘Alice loves her fairy-lights and all photos look good with them’. Also, The Secret Garden was very cute and this cover was hard to ignore. I love Children’s classics which have nice illustrations on the front!


Quite a romantic post due to the rose petals, but it was around Valentine’s, so can you blame me? Also, the red and grey was really working. My review of Caraval is already up, if you’re interested.


And to finish, here’s a picture of possibly one of my favourite books I read in February – The Hating Game. This came as a complete surprise and it reminded me of what I really love chick lit. I’ll not gush too much right now, you can wait for my review which is coming soon. Also, the rose petals were much more appropriate for this read – especially because they have a special place in the plot.


More bookstagram posts coming your way very soon no doubt – click here to go directly to my page. I’ll probably post again for a March/April edition.

Happy reading and photo-taking, all!




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