Rip It or Ship It Tag!

Okay, I’ve seen this around Booktube, specifically on JesseTheReader and Missmareadsalot, so I thought I’d bring it into the Blog world (even though it’s probably here already!).

For those of you who don’t know, this tag works like this: you write down the names of different bookish characters (or TV, if you’d like to), pick out two and see if you ship them or RIP them. Simple but fun! Here goes!




Levi from Fangirl & Jane from Jane Eyre: RIP IT!

Ship Name: Lane/Jevi?

I mean, can you imagine? I’d like to think that Levi would be interested in Jane, because she is a strong character and because of her love of writing. But I just don’t think these two would gel well. I think Jane needs a man who is more dark and mysterious – two words which are the complete opposite of Levi’s character, imo.

Fredrick from Persuasion & Claire from Outlander: SHIP IT?

Ship Name: Flaire/Cledrick/Beauworth?

This one really intrigued me! I think they could probably bond over their love of adventure, and of the travels and countries they’ve both seen. They both love with a fierce passion which doesn’t diminish over time or distance, so it could be interesting to see these two thrown together! Plus, if we follow the storyline from Persuasion, I’d like to think that Claire would knock some sense into Fred so they could get to a happier place sooner rather than later!

Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre & Becky from The Shopaholic Series: SHIP IT!

Ship Name: Bedward/Bloomchester/Rochwood?

I find the thought of these two absolutely hilarious! But also, I kind of think it might work. Cross out the fact that they come from two very different eras, I think that Becky would enjoy Rochester’s mysterious side, and definitely put him in his place from time to time. I think Rochester would appreciate Becky’s love of life (and buying), and I can really see Rochester chastising Becky for spending too much. (In my sensible reading head, I realise that one of the reasons Rochester falls for Jane in Jane Eyre is because her ideas of life and work are so different to his that it is refreshing. This would not be the case here – but I think that would make this so much more funny!)

Gansey from TRC & Celia from The Night Circus: SHIP IT!

Ship Name: Cansey/Ganslia?

I’m really curious about this one. I think these two would get along really well and bond over their shared curiosity of magic and mystery and folklore. I can imagine Gansey becoming totally infatuated with Celia and all the wonderful things she can do. I also think it would be reciprocated, and Celia would appreciate Gansey’s quieter moments, and how determined he is to solve the mysteries he gets himself involved with. Love it!

Nina from Six of Crows & Josh from The Hating Game: SHIP IT!

Ship Name: Jina/Nosh?

One word: STEAMY. Can you imagine?! My favourite Nina moments are when she’s seductively teasing Matthias, and I feel like Josh would just give it right back. They wouldn’t be able to contain their chemistry! On the flip side, I also think that Josh would be really sensitive towards Nina’s other life experiences, and I feel like Nina would be able to appreciate Josh’s more subdued side. And she would kick ass at telling Josh’s father where to go! I’d love to see this!

Ron from HP & Cath from Fangirl: RIP IT?

Ship Name: Rath/Con/Cathald?

Uh, no. I tried to see how this would work but something just doesn’t fit. I think Cath, from a writer’s perspective, would enjoy Ron’s magical adventures, but wouldn’t be able to participate in them. I think Ron could admire Cath’s studious nature in her writing, but not enough for them to be anything other than friends. I just don’t see the chemistry there. What do you think? (They do look cute though, don’t they!)



Such fun! I tag whoever wants to continue you it – here’s to all the new weird and wonderful ships about to sail!


3 thoughts on “Rip It or Ship It Tag!

  1. Ah I love this so much! I love these videos on Book Tube and I’m so glad you’ve brought it to the blogging world. It’s so fun and I’ll definitely be doing this sometime soon!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I also love the idea of doing Kiss, Marry, Kill. it would be awful if i pulled out three characters i loved and had to kill one of them. These types of tags are so fun!


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