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Top 10 Tuesday: Authors I’d Want to Have Tea With.

Yay! Such a fun theme for this week’s TTT (from The Broke and The Bookish). I love a good cup of tea and a chat – here’s some author’s I’d love to do so with.

*follow the links to the authors Goodreads page!

Rainbow Rowell


I’ve been lucky enough to hear Rainbow speak twice about her writing, but I’d love to be able to sit down one to one and talk about how she gets her ideas, and what she’s reading at the moment, and all the other things. She just seems like she’d be super friendly!

J K Rowling


Because why wouldn’t you want to meet up and have a cup of tea with the person who arguably changed the children’s literature scene? Sidenote: We’d have tea at The Elephant Cafe in Edinburgh because… obviously.

Jane Austen


I’d want to ask her how she managed to be so forward thinking and outspoken for her time. I’d want to ask her what she thinks about the fame she has now. I’d want to see how she drank tea, to check if it’s as twee as I’m thinking it probably will be.

Markus Zusak


To ask him about The Book Thief, and how he crafted such a wonderful story, and if he’ll come out of the hole he’s hiding in to write something new. Please. PLEASE.

Leigh Bardugo


So I actually saw Leigh and Rainbow speak together (click here for what happened), but she seemed so lovely when I met her that I’d definitely invite her out for tea! She seems to have lots of really cool projects coming up and I’d hope to steal some secrets from her!

Erin Morgenstern


Is she has mystical and magical as I think she is? And when’s a new book coming, Erin?! Huh?! (I might get a bit overexcited. She might now want to come for tea.)

Neil Gaiman

This man is some type of Book God. Who wouldn’t want to have tea and talk books with him? He creates such interesting worlds – I bet he’s just as interesting himself!

Julia Donaldson

I’m a primary school teacher, so I’ve read my share of Julia Donaldson books, and she’s so great! I’d love to ask her about her books and how she writes, and maybe ask her to come into my classroom. The kids would squeal!

Charlotte Bronte (and sisters)


Ever since watching To Walk Invisible (bookish inspirations post here!), I’ve been interested in the Bronte sisters’ lives, and I’d love to ask them more about it.

Jacqueline Woodson


Having written one of my favourite books from the year so far, I’d love to sit down and chat with her about her writing and prose, and how she makes the words fit so perfectly.


Ah, but we can only dream! Who would you have tea/coffee with? All this talk of tea – I’m off to make myself a cup!



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