Tome Topple Readathon: TBR

tt readathon tbr

This readathon = an excuse to read really long books! As if I really needed a reason… but anyway, I’m still really excited!

I’m going to be participating in the Tome Topple Readathon (more info here!). This readathon encourages readers to read books that are over 500 pages long over a two weeks period, running from April 7th to April 20th in your tine zone.

There are some challenges that you can opt into:

  • Read more than 1 tome (book)
  • Read a graphic novel (bind ups count for this too!)
  • Read a tome that is part of a series
  • Buddy read a tome
  • Read an adult novel

and I’m going to be trying to complete a few of these too, as part of the readathon!

So, without further ado – although you might have guessed from the BIG books on my April TBR what some of the reads are going to be – here’s my Tome Topple Reading List!


Read an adult novel: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I love Neil Gaiman, and I can’t wait to really sink my claws into this one. It is quite big but it seems really interesting and is beloved by so many of Gaiman’s fans!

Read a tome from a series: Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

This is my first Lawrence novel and it seems really different to any books I’ve read before. Despite its size, I think I might move through this one quite quickly! Also, from Goodreads it looks like this is the first book in a new series, so that’s another challenge out of the way too!

Red a graphic novel: Blankets by Craig Thomson

This is the only book that wasn’t part of my original April TBR, because I was on the hunt for a graphic novel that seemed interesting. I’ve only ever read one graphic novel – Maus by Art Spiegelman, which is excellent by the way – so I’m hoping I’m setting myself up for something just as good, though obviously very different!

Extra: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

A favourite book of mine, and because my Mum recently read this and can’t stop raving about it, it’s put me in the mood for a re-read!

& all of these add to the challenge of reading more than 1 tome!


Will you be joining me? I was interested in this readathon because for once, finally, a readathon is during a time when I’m on holiday so I’ll actually have proper time to read! Also, it seemed like a good excuse to try and read some really big books which I often put to the side because I’m daunted by them.

If you are interested you can find all of the information in the link at the top of the page, or watch this video – that’s how I found out about it!

Look out for updates on my Instagram and I’ll be posting updates on this blog too! Wish me luck!


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