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TTT: Books I INSTANTLY Wanted to Read!

*weekly meme started over on The Broke and The Bookish!

This week’s theme is: Things That Made Me Want to Instantly Read a Book. Such an interesting one! So, here I go – I’m gonna scroll down my Goodreads ‘Read’ page and see which ones I was instantly drawn to, and tell you why! I’m also going to add a few ‘WANT to Read’ books at the end too!

*** Titles with an * beside them have a review on this blog. Just use the search bar if you’re interested!


Books I Instantly Wanted to Read

Pride and Prejudice: I Watched an Adaptation

This is one of my first reading memories of feeling so excited to pick up a book, and that was after finishing the 2005 movie version of P&P. I was enthralled by the characters and their story; I was enchanted by this world. I wanted more. Nowadays, I’ll almost always read the book first before seeing a movie or TV adaptation. But this first time, it really drew me in and introduced me to a world of classic fiction I now love.

The Book Thief: A Friend’s Overwhelming Recommendation

A close friend read this book and couldn’t stop talking about it. It was all she thought and spoke of for weeks on end. I can now see why! Every reader should have a friend they can trust for recommendations – it has brought me towards some of my most treasured reads.

Fangirl: Attended an Author Event

I love listening to author’s talk about their works. It’s one of my most favourite things to do, if it’s available and I have the money for it. Rainbow Rowell, this first time I saw her speak, was so refreshingly funny and bubbly, that the second I got home I started reading Fangirl and it’s now a favourite of mine.


Bookstagram is like a new form of advertising and I am a sucker for it. The more I see the book in the photos, the more likely I am to pick it up in a bookshop and probably purchase it. At the time, this book was constantly on my feed and I gave in. I’m so glad I did.

The Comet Seekers: Written from My Part of the World *

I’m always intrigued by books set in Scotland or written by Scottish authors. I love learning more about my country and seeing others dissect parts and places in this country. This book is a debut novel from a Scottish author. I also went to see her speak about this book and I really wanted to read the book before I did, so that’s what happened.

A Darker Shade of Magic: All of Booktube was Reading This *

Yet again, I am a slave to the advertising that is Booktube videos. If I hear enough people talking about a book – positively, of course – I’ll definitely reach for it in a bookshop. There are so many people talking about this series at the moment, so it’s working it’s magic again and making me want to continue the series.

My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises: I Love a Weird Title *

I have a friend that often buys me books for my birthday or Christmas. She says she goes into a bookshop and looks for a book that has a weird title and then buys it for me. Most of them have been brilliant. Make of that what you will.

The Collected Works of A J Fikry: Books about Books – My Kryptonite

I love a good book about books. Which reader doesn’t?! This is a particular favourite of mine – I was drawn in by the bookish cover and then stayed for the lovely words and touching story.

Books I Still Really Want to Read

The Hate U Give: Important Subject Matter

My copy of this book arrived just a few days ago, just in time for me to definitely start this before the month is out. I was immediately drawn to this book because of the important issues it raised. Other than that, some of the other reasons above crop up here too: so many good reviews on Booktube and lots of Bookstagram hype. As it should.

The Hamilton Book: Because the Obsession is Real

Yes, I have joined the party pretty late. Yes, I am obsessed. Yes, I did buy the book. All the yeses.


What are some reasons that make you instantly want to read a book? There are so many for me that I couldn’t choose just one!



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