Tome Topple Readathon: Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

tt readathon wrap up

A quick recap for you (plus I’ve highlighted the challenges I managed to complete in bold!)

The Challenges:

  • Read more than 1 tome (book)
  • Read a graphic novel (bind ups count for this too!)
  • Read a tome that is part of a series
  • Buddy read a tome
  • Read an adult novel 


Read an adult novel: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Read a graphic novel: Blankets by Craig Thomson

Read a tome from a series: Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

Extra: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


Final Thoughts on all My Reads


RED SISTER (512 pages) –  Completed!

This was the first book I completed for the readathon and it took me about a week. I really enjoyed it and I think it was a nice starter book for the readathon: not too challenging, really easy style of book to read and kept me engaged for long periods of time. My full review is here.

AMERICAN GODS (635 pages) – Still Reading! 200 pages in!

I actually started this one into the second week of the readathon, because I felt I needed a fantasy break after reading Red Sister. I’m really enjoying it so far. I think reading another Gaiman book in this month beforehand has helped me acclimatise again to this style of writing. His books are always so fantastical and intriguing!

BLANKETS (592 pages) – Completed!

What a wonderful graphic novel! I’m a bit of a graphic novel novice, but I really enjoyed this one and would fully recommend it. A tale of faith, friendship, family and first love. Review coming soon!

THE BOOK THIEF (552 pages) – Completed!

A book I’ve wanted to re-read again for quite a while and decided to do so using audiobook. Such a different reading experience, but a fantastic one all the same. I was reminded all over again of why this is one of my favourite books. Review for this one coming soon too!

3 out of 4 books completed = 1856 pages read! Not bad at all!


This is only the second readathon I’ve participated in and I’ve really enjoyed it. I often find it hard to participate in them because they don’t coincide with holidays, and that makes them more accessible for me! So it was really nice that I was able to join in with this one!

I liked the fact that this encouraged me to read books that were big. I’m that person that picks up a big book because it looks so good and then it stays on my self forever, either because it’s too daunting in its size, or I just don’t have the time. Neither of these excuses worked in this readathon, so I feel like I’ve accomplished something by making my way through some of my biggest reads. Yay! I’ll definitely be looking for other readathons to do in the future!

Happy reading all!



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