Bookstagram: March & April 2017!

Yup, that time again where we talk about some of my favourite bookish photos in the past two months!

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This was my March TBR photo and I just love how everything seemed to match – and believe me, it wasn’t worked out that way! I loved the new candles I had bought and wanted to showcase them – haha!


Shout out to a series that I’ve read faster than any other – The Raven Cycle. I devoured this series. I was kept intrigued the entire way through and could never second guess what would happen. I also loved the new pens I had bought, and these colours helped bring out the brightness of the stag.


I love a good sunny day where you get nice shadows and used this one to my advantage! Plus, rose petals make ever picture look mysterious and sensual, haha! Perfect for ACOTAR. Featuring my rug, yet again, because it’s the best background! Review here!


In the past few weeks I’ve really got into my colouring book and loved using it whilst I was listening to my audiobooks! Those pens again and the gorgeous cover of Norse Mythology seems to be sparkling. Yay!


One of my most recent photos showcasing my Tome Topple Readathon books. It’s a little hazy, I know, but I don’t really mind that much. I love all the blue tones in this one, plus the hints of creamy yellow.


There we have it! I don’t have time to take too many photos during term-time, but I always try my best because it is a nice hobby to have! See you in a few months with another update. Plus, if you liked what you saw, click the link at the top of the page for my Instagram!



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