Audiobook Reviews #1!


I’m really into audiobooks now. Really into them. They are making my walks around Tesco and my commutes to work so much more interesting and I’m getting through more books as a result. It also feels slightly nostalgic, as I used to listen to books on tape (on tape! I’m feeling old!) before I went to bed as a child. But I’m in a bit of an audiobook swing at the mo, so I thought I’d start a series where I review the last five audiobooks I’ve read.

Things I’ll be detailing are:

  • a brief description of the novel and why I chose to read it via this format.
  • which audio book service I used to listen to the book
  • my thoughts on the author’s style of narration and why I thought it was good/bad

They won’t be like normal reviews where I do into more depth about my thoughts, but I’ll still be doing full scale reviews for more books I’ve read, so I’ll be able to link them anyway.

And before we kick off, credit where credit is due: this idea was not my own. I’ve been watching Between Chapters on Booktube recently – she’s a big advocate for audiobooks and she’s been doing a video version of this that I’ve been loving watching! So I wanted to join the fun and share my own audiobook thoughts with you guys!

On with the show!



#1: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, listened to on Audible

*book review here!

I really loved this audio book. I didn’t fancy buying in hardback and went for the audio book version instead. It made it such a lovely experience, hearing the words from Neil Gaiman himself, and I really enjoyed the way he changed the voices to suit the personality of the character, particularly Loki. He had a nice pace and I didn’t need to use the speed up feature.

#2: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor, listened to on Audible

*book review here

I wasn’t too sure about this book, even after hearing such wonderful reviews, so I chose the audio book as a taster for this one. I was immediately hooked. The narrators voice was so gritty and toned for Lazlo’s perspective, yet soft and troubled for the other main character (I’m trying not to spoil!). You couldn’t tell it was the same person, really. I felt like the narrator got the characters and could understand their struggles and wants. A fantastic read and narration that I couldn’t stop listening to!

#3: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, listened to on Audible

*book review here

This was a reread for me, and I fancied taking in the story using a different format. I loved the darkness in the narrator’s voice, and how whimsical it could turn. It was an incredibly eerie experience, literally hearing this story from the mouth of Death, and really added a different dimension to the reading experience. Such a good telling!


#4: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon, listened to on Audible

*book review here

This was the only one of the five that was narrated by a variety of voice actors in the one story, which was new to me and definitely benefitted this story. It was excellent to hear true voices, as the main characters in this novel are Korean-American and Jamaican. They were expressive and accurate and I couldn’t fault them. Their voices worked so well together, I felt like I was sitting in a room with them all beside me. This was a favourite contemporary for me, so I’ll probably pick this book up again sometime in book format, and it’ll be interesting to see how different the reading experience is.

#5: The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, listened to on Audible

I just finished this audio book today. Once again, I chose to read this on audio because I was unsure of how I’d find it. I’m having mixed feelings, and I’m not sure whether it was the narration or not. The voice actor worked well for the range of characters she had to take on, but the story felt a bit flat to me. It was a slow pace the whole way through, and I don’t know if that’s due to the narration or not. Still, she took on the characters and their emotions well.


There we go! Are there any other audio book lovers out there?! I’m really enjoying using Audible and it’s only something I’ve recently subscribed to, so I promise there’ll be more variety of platforms in future posts! Anyway, off to read another 5!


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