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TTT: Best Books of 2017 So Far!

How did we get to this point of the year already?! Ah! Let’s get down to business!

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson : 5 Stars!

What a fab read to begin the year with?! Such a powerful read with lovely prose. I can’t ¬†quite believe that I hadn’t read this earlier, because it’s definitely gonna be one of my favourite reads of the entire year. I really recommend!

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: 5 Stars!

This was one of those reads that came out of left field! I didn’t expect this to be such a good read for me, but it came at the perfect moment and I was totally caught up. Such a fun, romantic read for one of those lazy, rainy days.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: 5 Stars!

I knew I would love this read from the moment I heard about it. Such a touching, interesting and powerful story. If you’re looking for your next historical read, this is it.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: 4.5 Stars!

Everyone spoke of how good this book was, and they were right. A read perfect for this moment in history and if you haven’t got to it yet, make it next on your list. Prominent and needed, definitely.

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor: 5 Stars!

I was so excited to read something from Laini Taylor again – and a little bit apprehensive, I’ll admit – but what a lovely way to get back into her writing again. I can’t wait to continue this series, and the beautiful prose made me so happy.

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig: 4.5 Stars!

I’m so pleased I read this one. It was something very different for me, but so enlightening. I learned so much about myself and mental illness in general, and it’s definitely a recommended read from me!


6 fantiastic reads that I would hands down recommend to you. I’ve loved them – let’s spread the bookish love! What would you recommend me?




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