Authors I Need to Check Out Soon!

There are so many people I haven’t read anything from, and I guess it’ll be like that my whole reading life, but it still sucks sometimes. So, I thought I’d make a little list of authors I really want to read something from soon. Like, pronto. Please give any recommendations if you have any!

Oh, and the bulleted lists of books are the books I’m most excited to read by those authors, not an exhaustive list of all the titles they’ve written!

authors to read soon

Adam Silvera

I’ve heard really good things about this guy recently. There are quite a few of his books that sound really interesting, and I wanna give him a go soon.

Patrick Rothfuss

I mentioned in my recent book haul post that I wanted to read something from this guy soon. The Name of the Wind will be that something, and I’m really excited to delve in. I mean, it’s a hunker. But I’m excited nonetheless.

Jenny Han

I haven’t read much contemporary, and I feel like this needs to be fixed soon. Since the release of the third book in that series, I’ve been pondering over diving in. I’ll get to it soon, when the contemporary mood strikes.

Becky Albertalli

I mean, I’ve heard nothing – NOTHING – but good things about her books. Simon is so many people’s favourite YA book, and if that isn’t a good recommendation I don’t know what is. Maybe I’ll pick this one up real soon!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Because her voice seems so strong and powerful, and I need to hear it.


Anyone else you think I should immediately pick up? There are so many, even writing this small list was hard. Thank God there are always new and amazing writers springing up!




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