Bookish Inspirations: Neil Gaiman!


I recently managed to snag tickets to go see Neil Gaiman talk about his books and writing whilst on my trip to Austin, Texas. It was a fabulous night – he was hilarious as he read from his books and answered lots of questions!

Some of my favourite bits were:

  • When he read from Norse Mythology – this is my most recent read from him, and even though I read it using the audio book, it was a completely new experience to hear him live.
  • Talking about his writing process – and his love of dogs watching him write. Dogs think you are writing the next masterpiece as they sit there, looking longingly at you.
  • Finding out his feelings about the American Gods TV show and how he is writing for a series on Good Omens – yay! Even though I’ve not read Good Omens yet, it sounds fab from what he read!
  • His advice for writers – keep going; try to write a little every day; be kind to yourself when looking over your work.
  • His work with friend, Terry Prachett – I love hearing about how writers work alongside each other.


I feel like I’ve read quite a lot of Gaiman’s books by this point, so I thought I’d put together a little post of what my favourites are, if you’re looking to delve into this author’s work.

For something a little horrid… Coraline

There’s something incredibly spooky about this book, but it completely drags you in.

For something other-worldly… Neverwhere

This is probably my most favourite. There are so many ways to enjoy this book – either with the novel, or with the audio book or with the dramatisation. This one really hooked me, and I was rooting for the characters the whole way through.

For something old and new… Norse Mythology

Even though this book is a series of short stories that are based on mythology, rather than Gaiman’s own work, he has such a way with words and this is right up his street. I’d really recommend using the audio book to get the full experience! See my full review here.

For something magical… Stardust

Different from the movie, but just as fun a journey.


I’m super excited to dive into the books that I haven’t read yet. Any other Gaiman fans out there? What are your favourites?


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