Bookstagram: May – July 2017!

I love the summer, because I have more time for photos! So here’s a few that I’ve really liked taking!

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I read this book (and took this photo) way back in May, but I still think about it. I love the colours in this photo, and really want to pick up an actual copy of this book soon – preferably the one with the blue pages!


I really liked the mix of colours in this photo, plus the pretty ring I was wearing. If you’ve read my recent Unhaul Post, you’ll realise that I’m actually giving away this book, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a pretty cover!


I love writing up these posts because it reminds me of all the fun books I’ve read recently – this one is no exception. I love, again, the lovely mix of colours in this shot, and I felt that using the brick background set them off nicely. What a great book this was!


I love reading in the sun, so I couldn’t resist taking this picture. It was taken at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas on a particularly hot and sunny day. Instagram = lovely reading memories.


Because you gotta commemorate your trip to Barnes and Noble with a picture of your purchases, right?


I’ve been really lucky this month that I’ve got to travel twice, and this picture was taken just this week in Bath, England. After visiting the Jane Austen Centre – which is a bucket list place for an Austen lover! – we wandered round the streets and found Royal Crescent. The BBC adaptation of Persuasion is a favourite of mine, so I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my newly purchased Persuasion copy n the spot where the book’s couple reunite. Ah, lovely.

*a post of my trip is coming your way soon!


There we go – a selection of my favourite shots from the past few months. Check in soon for another update!




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