Bookish Travels: Austen & Bronte!

I was recently lucky enough to go on an English roadtrip with one of my friends, and I made sure to get in some bookish goodness into the mix! As many of you will know, I’m a fan of the classics! So you better believe I was visiting the Jane Austen Centre and the Bronte Museum! Here’s a sneak peak of my visits!

The Jane Austen Centre – Bath, England.

Visit Royal Crescent to stand in the spot where Anne is reunited with Wentworth in the BBC adaptation of Persuasion (one of my favourites!).

Bath is an excellent place to visit if you are an Austen fan, or just a fan of pretty places in general. I had a fantastic time in the Austen Centre – they give you a talk on the life of Jane, you can explore an exhibit detailing her life, and you can even try on costumes from the period at the end (I’ll spare you those photos!). The gift shop is a dream. Bath in itself is full of Jane Austen places – at the Centre they’ll even give you a map of a walking tour which takes you to the places she lived and frequented! It’s an all round fantastic place and I definitely want to revisit and have more time in that city.

Highclere Castle: the set of Downton Abbey – Newbury, England.

The grounds of Highclere Castle need to be photographed and look great at every angle! Why not treat yourself to Afternoon Tea, too – it was brilliant!

Not technically a bookish place, but I wanted to include it anyway. Highclere Castle is one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen – and we were really lucky with the sunny weather we got that day! The grounds are incredible – very insta-worthy! – and when you visit inside, you find out more about the castle itself and how they filmed the beloved TV Series Downton Abbey. The tour gives you details of the history of the castle and its families, much of which entered the story-lines of the show. I’d definitely recommend a visit!

The Bronte Museum – Haworth, England.

I really feel like I could have spent days in the gift shops of these places. I’d have been bankrupt at the end of the trip but it would have been worth it.

The final bookish stop of my trip, but just as good as the others! A visit to the Bronte museum is a must if you are a fan of their work and what to know more about their lives. The museum is set inside the house they lived in, in Haworth. The tour inside gives you a valuable insight into their lives at the time, allowing you to see the things they actually owned and learn more about the family relationships. The area around the museum is lovely, too. You are minutes away from the local church and school where the sisters taught. The streets are full of Bronte inspired shops and cafes.

*I’d definitely recommend watching To Walk Invisible (see my Bookish Inspirations post on the Bronte Sisters for more info!), either before or after you visit – parts have been added to the exhibit to work alongside the show for a fuller experience.


What a great trip I had, and I really wanted to share the best bookish bits with you! I wish I could have continued and visited other places, such as Jane Austen’s house and Shakespeare Country, but I’ll save that for a future roadtrip. Are there any other bookish places you’d recommend? In the meantime, I’d really recommend these places if you ever get the chance!


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