Sometimes I watch/read/explore something and almost immediately, books start popping into my head. Does that ever happen to you?

Here’s some of my Bookish Inspiration Posts, all here in one place, in case you get a hankering for an inspired bookish read!


Inspired by:

  • The Great British Bake Off – sadly missed from our British TV screens, here’s some delectably fluffy and yummy reads to get you through.
  • Gilmore Girls – written after the Reunion episodes (yaaay!), I put together a few reads that had similar, lovely themes to one of my favourite TV shows. Click here for family, friendship, love and fun!
  • The Bronte Sisters – after watching To Walk Invisible, a TV drama based around the Bronte sisters’ lives, I put together a post detailing my reading journey of some of their most famous novels.
  • La La Land – what a revelation this movie was! I gush about it here and have a list of books based on some of the plot-points of the movie.
  • Beauty and the Beast – I loved the new remake and wanted to create a list of books that suited the various themes in the film. After all, who wouldn’t want someone to give them a library?!
  • Neil Gaiman – because he is such an amazing writer, and after seeing him speak about his writing, I couldn’t help but gush in this post.
  • Anne with an E – I love Anne of Green Gables, so here’s my thoughts about the new adaptation!